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Eide Integrated Systems is committed to providing your company with the latest industry leading solutions necessary to compete in today's market.


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Introducing an all new, lightning fast, jig system to the truss industry. The WizardPDS® - Perimeter Definition System is an automated jig system that reduces set up time by 99%. The WizardPDS® requires NO additional hardware or images to accomplish a complete truss setup in 30 seconds or less. The WizardPDS® converts set up time to build time.

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Please contact us to discuss the details of how we can help dramatically change the productivity and profitablity of your plant.

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About Eide Integrated Systems

About Eide Integrated Systems,

With deep roots in truss equipment and automation, Eide Integrated Systems LLC was formed in ’05 to exclusively market the WizardPDS® and to develop press equipment partnerships & integration methods which allow WizardPDS® technology to be installed in virtually any new or existing truss manufacturing system. The WizardPDS® is the world’s leading automated truss jig system and the first to virtually eliminate ALL set-up time and manual jigging at the assembly table. The WizardPDS® converts set-up time to build time. Eide has created a distribution network of experienced independent industry professionals to help educate fabricators on this new technology and market these products worldwide. We offer unequaled technical support and training by experts with over (30) years of truss manufacturing experience. Our experts teach you a whole new system of producing trusses; from the saw room to the finished trusses stacked in the yard. Over (75) systems in operation with 100% customer satisfaction. Remember, seeing is believing! Call today to learn where you can see a WizardPDS® system in operation.